Jayquan Cutler (born November 9, 1991), better known by his stage name Why Cue, is an American hip hop recording artist and producer. He began gaining recognition after producing for former Jive Records artist Lil B “The Based God”[1]
He is also well known for his Trippy singles, for example Drippin' first went viral via Twitter after the release of the Miami music video totaling his YouTube channel & Soundcloud to a million hits. Not to mention almost 100,000 worldwide streams.[2]
Cue debuted national radio play in 2017, with his single I Get Around getting spun on Hot 97.[3] He currently shoots videos as well. Most of all of his music videos are shot & edited by Why Cue himself under his brand WhyCueTV.


He was born in Peekskill, NY shifted from Brooklyn before he was born in pursuit of a better life. As a child growing up with 2 brothers and 2 sisters he had it rough being the middle child of his household. He officially got into music after being inspired by his step-father who past away who once was a DJ. Uprising as a starving artist he visioned a better life for him and his family he once dreamed of. Eagar to show his feelings to the world at the age of 11, Jayquan started recording songs with a cheap microphone him and a bunch of friends had stolen from his elementary school music room. The first song he ever recorded was a freestyle to a Young Gunz beat[4]
Not long after that Why Cue started releasing songs on MySpace and making beats. Later he released his first mixtape in 2008 titled Storm & other classics like "Can't Break The Concrete Vol 1,2 and 3.[5][6] After being forced to hustle from struggling this encouraged him to conclude that he wanted to pursue a career in the music industry. From age 11 and on Why Cue has taught himself how to be multi-talented making himself a one man band teaching himself how to mix & master his own tracks, shooting & editing his own music video’s. Producing records later lead to him into landing a industry placement for Jive Records artist Lil B The Based God[7]


Why Cue got fame after working with artist such as Lil B The “The Based God”, Shawty Lo, Jurrarri, SODMG, D4L and has opened up for artist like French Montana & Loaded Lux. Being involved in music for about a decade now has accumulated his fan base all over the world. Currently unsigned & verified on all social media platforms since 2013 Cue has become a self made public figure. Cue has gained many supporters accumulating a following over 250,000 fans. After cliquing up with Shawty Lo on his last mixtape. The new yorker drops his 2 latest visuals titled "Drippin"[8] & “Ticket”[9] which are in digital stores now. Teamed up with producer and aritst Roswell Gray. The duo puts together a fresh sound under Pluto E.N.T(Entertainment) which is a self made label created by the 2 which can be purchased at iTunes[10], Amazon[11], Spotify[12] & more. Currently affiliated with Sha-Pow Gang (#SPG) an independent music group owned by self made CEO Jurrarri who was once signed with Shawty Lo. Despite his living conditions Cue was added to the group after he was noticed for his hard work, determination & loyalty. After putting in work over years building his public figure he still strives hard everyday ambitiously waiting on the opportunity to make a bigger, better, and more successful reputation for himself


      EP's and Albums 
  • 2008: Storm Vol.1
  • 2010: Can't Break The Concrete Vol.1[13]
  • 2012: Can't Break The Concrete Vol.2[14]
  • 2013: Can't Break The Concrete Vol.3[15]
  • 2015: In Squad We Trust[16]
  • 2016: Rose From The Concrete[17]


    • 2009: Ayy Haa (feat. Dub Slim)[30]
    • 2015: Pluto Gas (feat. Roswell Gray)[31]
    • 2016: Treadmill (feat. Roswell Gray)[32]
    • 2017: Drippin'[33]
    • 2018: Ticket[34]

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